You will need
  • - New flower pot;
  • Soil for bamboo;
  • - Drainage;
  • - Preparation for better rooting houseplants.
Transplant cuttings of bamboo from water to soil. Initially, the germ placed in water for it to take root. The best time for transplanting when they reached lengths of 2-4 cm If less, the plant will not root, and if more they can accidentally break, as they are very fragile. So, first prepare a flower pot: pour in there about 3-4 cm of drainage and a thin layer of soil. Then remove the bamboo from the water and gently shake off the water from the roots. Powder wet the roots of the drug for rooting and add a couple pinches into the soil that will pour into the pot. This tool helps the plant to settle down and smooths out the shock of change of environment. Then place the bamboo in a pot. Keep it at the desired height on the center of the pot and start small portions pour the soil. Lay the earth evenly, periodically gently primina her, until the pot is full. Be careful not to smash the roots. Then water the plant with water, and if the land usela – add more.
Sometimes the handle is placed not in the water and in the hydrogel. It is a polymer that can absorb and hold a quantity of water ten times its own volume. The hydrogel can be considered an intermediate phase between the cultivation of bamboo in water and in the ground. It often happens that the roots had grown too much, and there is a risk to break them. Often the roots of the bamboo break at the base, which is very dangerous for plants. In this case, they should be carefully cut with sharp scissors to fit the length of a maximum of 5-6 cm and Then gently wash the roots with running cool (but not cold!) water from the remnants of the hydrogel. Further, as in the previous item: cooking pot, used stressing out the drug, placed in a container and gently sprinkle the ground.
Big bamboo is on sale in shops already in the soil, but for the most part this so-called "transportation soil". It was lighter than earth and almost do not fall out of the pot when tilted, but there are no nutrients and the soil is a temporary measure. It is necessary as quickly as possible to get rid of. Perhaps this is the most complicated method of transplantation. First you need to shake soil ball from the pot without damaging the plant. Then, much water the soil with water and hands to gently otlamyvanie pieces from coma, until you reach the roots. Then clean the roots from the substrate under running water, until they become clean. Further, all the same – pot, the drug-ukrainetel, landing.
Handling of bamboo in a pot larger. This is the easiest way and the plants tolerate it well. You just need to shake the bamboo from the pot together with a clod of earth, put it in a bigger tank and fill up the desired amount of soil. Then to water.