You will need
  • Hardware store with a wide range
  • Consultation of the seller
Palpate the bottom of the pan stainless steel. It should be thick, then it will heat up more evenly. Food will not burn. In good steel pan has a double or triple bottom – it mounted discs of copper, bronze or aluminum to improve the thermal conductivity. In this case the aluminum layer will not allocate anything to eat harmful, because it is covered with durable stainless steel.
View, even if the pan bottom, if he strains. This will depend on how evenly it will heat up the bottom layer of food. Well, if the inside of the cookware has a corrugated bottom – it non-stick. In this pan you can cook meals without adding oil. This is especially important if you follow a diet or in the house there is a small child.
Check the cover of the product. It should be closed very tightly. Modern transparent heat-resistant glass lid is very convenient – you can monitor the cooking without opening the pot.
Note additional useful details that can have high-quality pot, stainless steel:
• hardwood handle eliminates the need for tack welding;
• small holes on the cover to get pairs;
• some models are equipped with a sensor that shows the temperature of the liquid in the pan;
• welded handles are the sturdiest;
• fashionable removable handle can save more space in the closet;
• some handle when you pour hot broth is pressed against the cover.
Rate the appearance of the pan. If she pleases you with its brilliance, it is not only beautiful, but also practical. According to experts, matte surface cools much faster than shiny ones. So if you buy the dishes from gleaming stainless steel, the food in it will long remain a hot.