Stop your choice on the rounded shape of the nail plate, if your professional activity is connected with medicine, cooking, or frequent contact with children (teacher). Give the nail a Crescent shape using the nail file, but remember that the length should not exceed 1 mm. longer nails this form will be untidy and ugly look. It is also believed that this form of nail is best suited for women with long and thin fingers.
Select the square shape of nails, if you have chubby fingers. Will epilite the edge of the nail straight, and the tip - to make a square. If the nail is wide, can make them a little already. To do this, give them the shape of a trapezoid tapering towards the tip of the nail plate. The corners of the nail can leave a sharp or make them slightly rounded.
Oval nails are suitable owners have long fingers, but other women can safely choose this form. Would epilite the nail plate in the direction of the two sides of the nail towards each other. See if you width if not a little narrow nail from both sides.
If you have a neat narrow arm, you can choose a pointed nail shape. This will opalite nail to give it a triangular shape. The acute angle should be at the center of the nail plate. The longer your nail, the better you get a manicure.