Run a few psychological tests to determine temperament. First, what is these tests - determination of orientation (inside – introversion, outward – extraversion). Depending on the orientation you prefer, or noisy companies and large community (outside), or privacy (inside).
Introverts often calm Hobbies: collecting, modelling, embroidery, sewing, drawing, working with technology. Of mobile recommended yoga, gymnastics, dancing.
Extroverts subconsciously choose active Hobbies: extreme sports, travel companies, etc.
Determine the focus of your mind: humanist, scientific, technical, mathematical and analytical, imaginative and so on. Humanists can engage with literature: writing poetry and prose, journalistic articles and so on. Technicians can deal with aeromodelling or radio equipment. The owners of creative thinking fit Hobbies related to art: painting, literature, music, dance or something else, depending on personal preferences and inclinations. Analytical mind – good resources for web programming and creating websites.