If you are unhappy with your appearance, if you feel that your appearance does not match the features of the character and hinders your promotion, or communicating with the opposite sex, you first need to think about the drastic change in hairstyle. Agree that a vigorous, decisive, even more prone to military adventurism, the woman less suited long braid that calls to mind images of "Turgenev's girls". But short hair is just right.
Very conducive to a radical change in appearance and recolor the hair. Especially if combined with a change in hairstyle. Many women claim that the repainting of "blonde" has led to an enormous increase in male attention, and repainting "a brunette" - to success.
Of course, is determined to update your wardrobe! With any thing that causes the slightest doubt: "whether it is me, does my inner world?" we have no regret to leave. Try to buy only what you instinctively pull: "inner voice" is usually a woman fails. To others tips like: "take this, it suits you!" should be listened to only in extreme cases, and then, if there is a strong belief in the competence of the adviser.
In every way try to get rid of bad habits! Quit Smoking, reduce alcohol consumption to a minimum. Instead, join a fitness club. It really is a fundamental change, at least, very healthy!
Also you can do something you previously uncharted, for example, jump with a parachute or go horseback riding. Start reading other books, watching different genre of movie. So how to change appearance doesn't mean dramatically, but the inner state of mind necessary to change unambiguously.