You will need
  • - styling gel;
  • - lacquer for the hair;
  • - comb;
  • clips for hair;
  • - hairnet.
Best hairstyle "Cold wave" to do a short haircut or Bob. If basic grooming speed, the waves can get: the tips will stand out. Of course, independently of such a hairstyle is not easy to do. It is better to apply to the master, who will have to spend on average 60-90 minutes.
The main elements of hairstyles are parted, waves, crowns and curl. Parting may be direct, oblique or poloprobio. Cold stacking is usually performed in the side parting. Waves are divided into direct, oblique and transverse.
The wave is a lock of hair laid in smooth curve and bounded on the two sides of the canopy (the highest line of the waves). Direct waves are parallel to the parting, slant – at an angle of 45 degrees, transverse – perpendicular. You can make them narrow or wide, large, deep and flat. There are also speakers and a reverse wave. Depending on the location on the head waves are the frontal, temporal and facial. Locks are divided into straight, slanting, horizontal, vertical, drain.
To create this hairstyle, apply styling gel to clean, damp hair. And then comb with frequent teeth separate the hair and define the direction of the wave, retreating 1-1,5 cm from the hairline. The number of waves do different, but usually at least 5 more side parting and at least three with less.
The middle finger of the left hand overlaps the proposed location of the bending wave. Departing from the finger 1 cm, enter the comb into the hair and sharply slide to the side. Lay the comb flat and slide the hair from her, holding the strand tight against the middle finger is supposed to be crowns. The higher the tip the longer styling.
Do not remove the comb from the hair, and comb it. After that, at a distance of 2 cm from the crown done again press the middle finger of the hand, but the make shift comb in the opposite direction. The result of the second crowns, and begins a new wave. Complete all waves, connecting them at the back.
For better fixation of the hair, so they are not shifted, use the clamps, but make sure that they don't leave creases in your hair. Since the "Cold wave" occurs only on wet hair can use a hair net while they dry.