Flattery is a powerful weapon. It may confuse the interlocutor, but always hits the target. Enthusiastic words bluntly in the face, usually remembered for a long time. This method has only one drawback – you can be suspected of insincerity.
If you have decided on direct flowery compliments, say them with confidence. You can even rehearse in front of a mirror, then you will not forget the excitement of his speech. It is also important to choose the right place: it is appropriate to pour out your enthusiasm for the holiday party, but don't suddenly bring emotions to the cute colleague in the workshop. Feelings are feelings, but the rules of etiquette has not been canceled.
Expressing delight, give the other person understand that you are not waiting for his response to emotions. Otherwise, the effect of the outpourings will be the opposite – the object of your admiration will avoid you. Such behavior is understandable. The rapture is, let positive, but still a rating. Not everyone likes to feel that kind of attention constantly.
A more subtle way to Express enthusiasm is to write to write a letter to the poems or to make a gift. But if in the first case you will have to struggle with finding the right words, in the second, your offering will speak for itself. Expensive gifts should be reserved for special occasions, but now your good attitude will show a nice bauble – a toy, a fun Cup or sweets.
If you can't wait to confess his love known to the artist, it is not necessary to guard him at the entrance and throw on the neck with a hot embrace. Your idol will delight in a bouquet or basket of flowers, where you can attach a card with the most sincere wishes for success in creativity.
Still, the best way to show your good attitude is expressed not in words but in deeds. Especially if the object of your admiration is a loved one. Don't waste words unnecessarily. Just do what he expects from you. Sometimes it's just a delicious dinner, a leisurely walk, a simple human participation.