You will need
  • yarn, hosiery needles, needle
Toe usually knit the front stitch. Knit the standard toe start after I am finishing a deal to the little finger. It is desirable that the number of loops before the operation to reduce the loops even. Count the loops remaining after the knitting of the deal, and remember their number. The decrease of the loops start at the edges of each round of knitting in the following way.
Loop on the first needle knit facial loops at the end of the last two loops provarite in one front loop and the last loop davaite spokes front. However, the other spokes of the first loop provarite the front, and then two loops provarite together in one front swivel, turning the first loop of the two. Then on the third needle repeat the procedure for the subtraction of loops, as on the first needle. On the fourth needle to make the loops decrease similar to the decrease on the second needle.
Follow the decrease of the loops of each second row as long as the number of loops on the needles will remain equal to half the number of loops counted before knitting the toe. Continue to diminish the loop in each circular row, while on the four spokes will not remain eight loops, i.e. two loops on one needle. The remaining loops of string on a thick needle and thread, which is the main knitting. Tight pull the loop end of the thread thread inside the sock and clip on the reverse side. This moment ends and knit a regular toe socks.
There is another way of subtraction loops circular knitting needles for small things. This method is similar to the decrease of the loops when knitting mittens. The end of the knitted fabric acquires in this case a triangle shape. To finish knitting socks in the same way. The reduction of loops goes around the edges of the foot. Vivaselecta this triangle is quite simple.
The first two loops on the first and third spokes provarite together for the back wall to the front. On the second and fourth spokes last two loops provarite along the front of the front wall. Do a decrease in each circular row or across a row, depending on the number of loops remaining after the knitting of the deal. When each needle will remain for two or three loop, put the loop of the upper part of the sock on one needle and the bottom on another needle. Continue the decrease. When there's only two hinges, tear off the thread and pull one loop through another and then tighten. The end of the thread put on the wrong side of the sock.