You will need
  • For this we need one or more of the pearl oyster, a grain of sand, a cross, a bead – any object that you want to turn into a pearl.
Pick up the pearl. Gently, so as not to damage the muscles, compressing the sash shell, cut it. Put the chosen object between the mantle and the wall of the shell.
To the nacre uniformly accumulated on the walls of a foreign body, can use the method devised by Linnaeus. Carefully drill a hole in the sink, and through him enter inside a silver wire with a ball on the end. From time to time, scroll delay is the pearl will not grow to the sink, but will have a smooth and beautiful shape.
To cultivate pearls can be another way, but for that you will need at least two of the pearl oyster. Carefully cut a piece of mantle from one of the clams and place them in the mantle of the second. Pearls grown in this way are rather high quality.
Once you put a foreign object in the mantle of the mollusk, feel free to let him go in the sea, previously fenced off area where the swim will be your oyster. And after two or three years check the harvest!