Almost all washing machines intended for household purposes, are made with standard dimensions. Typical linear dimensions it is important to know if the repair is in full swing and content of appliances is not yet thought out. In any case, you should decide the type of washing machine: will it be built-in appliances, machine class of "mini" or machine with vertical loading.
Built-in appliances can have the same dimensions, but different design of the front panel. It is important to consider that the car blended into the interior as harmoniously as possible.

Machine front loading

It's a standard class a washing units, for installation which requires a niche width of 60 cm. All the machines are full-scale format with front loading has a maximum depth of 60 centimeters, which do not always fit harmoniously into headsets cuisine: the facade can be flush with the front panel of the washing machine. All standard units have a housing with a height of 85 cm.
Some washing machines accurate envelope width may be less than 3 to 10 millimeters.

Washing machines with vertical load

For machines with a vertical load of Laundry, the envelope height is not standardized, but usually is 85 centimeters as the units front loading. In width they are, with width 40 and 45 centimeters.
Some manufacturers may use intermediate values of the width of the housing, for example - 42 cm, but indicates the maximum size, which is prepared therein.

The depth of such devices is standard: 60 cm.

Built-in appliances

Width recessed washing machines is the same as in the devices of the front loading of linen: from 59 to 60 centimeters. Maximum size depth is 60 cm, the minimum is 33 centimeters.

If the dimensions of the washing machine is not allowed to carry it through a doorway, you can remove the door boot, which will reduce the depth of several inches.

In principle, it is possible to build any machine, but only embedded are available with special decorative door. In addition, for integration with conventional machines is required to remove the lid to reduce the height of the unit, while the built-in machines have a vertical clearance at 81.8 85 inches.

Washing machines of a class "mini"

Compact washing machines are of reduced depth of the drum, and accordingly have a smaller depth of the hull. The miniature versions of the cars is at a depth of 33 centimeters, less compact - up to 45 inches. The width and height of these washing units are standard.