To select a compressor for painting auto think, what kind of painting you need. If poor quality, then it's simple: buy the compressor for painting of fences and barriers and it set the pneumatic tool.
How to choose a compressor for <b>painting</b>
For high-quality painting car, purchase a compressor in which the air will have a volume of about 50-100 liters. Efficiency at the output choose from 150 liters per minute.
Buy a better piston compressor with oil-filled sump, because it will meet all the above requirements.
How to choose a compressor for <b>painting</b>
Choose quality gun. It needs to be economical in air consumption and do not take it more than it can produce air compressor. Do not worry the cost of a good paint, because they are about as quality painting two or three parts in the service station.
Look hose and filters for cleaning compressed air. Hose buy straight or twisted. However, no direct will give you less hassle when painting in the garage because it would not interfere and curl under the feet.
Filters install between the spray gun and the compressor, ie paint from the hose enters first into them, and then goes further. Filters are necessary to prevent a spray of fine particles, oil, water, and, consequently, on the surface, which can lead to lower quality paint.
How to choose a compressor for <b>painting</b>