You will need
  • Internet access
  • The administrator account
First, you need to clean Windows regular tools provided by the developers. Go to local disk properties and select "disk cleanup". Repeat this operation for all partitions of your hard drives. The feature is useful, but to achieve our goals are not sufficient.
How to clean <strong>computer</strong> fully
Go to properties of your local disk and go to the tab "service". Select "Check disk for errors" and click "validate". This item can be performed only for the system partition.
How to clean <strong>computer</strong> fully
Clean up the registry. It is better not to resort to manual methods of cleaning the registry because this may result in the deletion of files needed for system stability. Use for cleaning the system registry of a special program. Can use CCleaner and RegCleaner. At this point it is better not to go beyond the cleanup, the proposed programmes.
How to clean <strong>computer</strong> fully
Install the program to optimize the operation of the system. Bright example of this very popular program GameBooster. In fact, it automatically optimizes the system based on the capabilities of hardware installed in your computerE.
How to clean <strong>computer</strong> fully