You will need
  • Program,PC
Before you install the operating system on a flash drive, it is advisable to download it online. It should be in the ISO image. Don't forget to find the serial key that is needed to activate the operating system. You will need a USB flash drive with memory capacity up to 4 GB.
Bootable flash drive is created using UltraISO. Open this program, go to "File" - "Open". In the window that appears shows the location of the operating system on your computer. In the program you'll notice two halves. In the upper part of the captured image, and the lower location of flash, which typically is a disk F.
Press "Bootstrapping" and specify "burn image hard disk". The type of the image must be Bootable. This will be a proof that the image will boot. If you do not follow this rule, you can't then the operating system to load on the laptop or computer. Before recording, check the correctness of data on the flash card. Recording method is selected by USB-HDD+. Before recording you can select the column "Format in NTFS". You can put a tick on the "Check out". This will allow you to find errors. Then begins the recording. After the end of the recording window will appear, which will be reported on the completion of the process.
Created operating system images and installation disk. This is done using UltraISO. A USB flash drive to format only in NTFS. If you do it in FAT32, then the image will be written to the flash drive completely.
In General we can say that imaging is not a difficult.