Start drawing with the image of cherry wood. Make a pencil sketch of a thin trunk, keep in mind that it is not very long and is about 70-100 cm before the first branching. Further it is divided into two or three long strong shoots, which, in turn, have several major branches. Their length is several times the length of the trunk, because the branches of the Sakura trees are not pruned.
Add a picture of a cherry tree trunk details. Draw it knotty growths, make the main branch a little koristiti. Keep in mind that the trunk of the Sakura not whitewashed with lime from rodents.
Draw the cherry blossoms along the entire length of the branches. Cherry blossoms bloom before the first leaves, they completely cover the branches of the tree and fall off within a few days. Additionally reflect in the picture is the fact that buds grow in the form of umbrellas three or four of the flower. Please note that unlike our usual cherry flower having five petals, the buds of cherry blossoms they can be much more.
Complete the drawing they just drift away petals. Also draw them on the ground under a tree.
Proceed to coloring. For this you can use watercolor, gouache or oil paint. Start with the tree trunk. Its bark is dark brown, young shoots darker than the old branch. For greater accuracy, add the color a little bit of red or Burgundy hue.
Use white and red paint for the petals. Cherry blossoms are pale pink color, to the center it becomes more intense. To obtain a pale-egg shade, which should be paint the stamens, smiriti yellow and white paint. To the cherry tree even more stand out from the background, use a bright sky blue shade.