Advice 1: How to update kitchen furniture

If your kitchen furniture is already not pleasing to the eye, but purchasing a new headset is not planned, you can turn old furniture into new. But how to update kitchen furniture quickly and with minimal cost?
How to update kitchen furniture
The easiest way to update a kitchen is to work on the facades of furniture, changing the color. Plastic or wooden facades can be repainted or covered with a self-adhesive film, and then install the new door handle. And your kitchen will be transformed.
In order to do this, you first have to remove all the drawers and remove all the doors from the hinges by unscrewing the knobs and other hardware. After which all surfaces that will be painted or oklematsya, it is necessary to wash (you can use a solution of soda or detergents for dishes) and allow to dry. Then, degrease the surface by wiping it with acetone or white spirit.
Paint kitchen furniture , you can any waterproof paint (latex, acrylic, oil). But one of the best options is automotive enamel in the cans. It is well and smoothly even on the plastic surface easy coloring, easy to apply and dries pretty quickly.
If you decide to use self-adhesive paper, keep in mind that the occupation is laborious, requiring special care. To film did not go "at random", before pasting, you can slightly dampen the facades of cold water – in this case, the tape will stick immediately, and you will have time to move or to correct uneven "dead" film. Sticking the tape, smooth it from the center to the edges, "acceleration" side of the bubbles and wrinkles – just as you would when wallpapering.
Frayed and lost their appearance of the countertop can be removed and covered with a dense oilcloth on fabric, choosing her for the color of your new facades. This is a fairly simple procedure, so change the oilcloth, you can at least every month – as soon as the previous one is damaged or simply tired. Fasten the oilcloth you can use double-sided tape.

Advice 2: How to paint kitchen cabinets

You decided to give a "second life" the old sturdy kitchen thing. Quick and easy it can refresh with the staining. Kitchen furniture is often subjected to various chemical influences, so the acrylic paints and varnishes should be avoided. Other coating materials have a very strong smell, so you need to work in a room with a window open or good ventilation.
How to paint kitchen cabinets
You will need
  • alkyd or enamel topcoats;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - primer;
  • - the roller and brush;
  • - glibal.
Decide what color will your future kitchen. Are you ready to change the curtains, the upholstery in the soft area. How will be combined different useful things that are exposed in plain sight in the new painted surface. Better to solve these issues at home, then in the shop, you will either buy a ready-alkyd paint, or tinted it in the chosen color from the experts.
Remove the facades on all lockers. To paint without streaks, you need to work on a horizontal surface. The side panel of furniture can be painted in place, tucked under the cabinets wrap or newspaper, then you do not have to scrub the damn floor from the spray. Those places that are non-staining, seal with masking tape.
Unscrew from the front handles and hinges. If the door has glass, try to pull them out. Either put the glass on the newspaper and secure it with masking tape at the perimeter to the paint leaked.
Attach a fine-grained emery paper in a special holder or wrap it a small bar, not to hurt your fingers when sanding the kitchen units. Framed part and non-removable decorative elements of grind, pressing the sandpaper with your fingers or attach it to the rail. If the doors are MDF wrap, catch her in the corner and remove from the entire surface before the treatment skin.
Prime the furniture. If your fronts plastic surface, pay attention to special primer for plastics. For wooden doors and MDF Board suitable conventional primer under the paint.
Paint large surfaces velour roller or spray gun. But when working with a sprayer takes a little practice, pre-practice on junk boards. For painting of the sides of the headset and facades you can use enamel in the cans. They have a strong smell, volatile and require work in a respirator.
Creating a beautiful and complex painted surfaces, use a glaze. To do this, purchase a transparent paint – glibal. It can be the same color as the paint on the kitchen, and can be very different. Please note the instructions for use pisali. It indicates how much time you have to create a decorative pattern while the transparent paint dries. The glazing can do a textured roller or a dry brush, a crumpled piece of plastic. When using pisali for painting kitchen furniture to secure the result needed a finishing Polish.
Dry facades and side walls. Screw handles and hinges. Assemble furniture.

Advice 3: How to update old kitchen furniture

Not seldom it happens that the condition of the kitchen furniture is still perfect, but her appearance I want to update and make more modern. You do not need the expenditure of considerable resources and expertise. Refresh old kitchen furniture you can own.
How to update old kitchen furniture
You will need
  • water;
  • - soda ash;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - automotive enamel;
  • - standard drill;
  • - doors and front panels for drawers;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - drill;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - countertop;
  • - the range;
  • - saw;
  • jig - saw;
  • clamp with screw.
Start the renovation with the replacement of the doors and front walls of the cabinets. To buy the necessary elements of the facade draw a diagram of the furnituretion of cabinets, number, dimension, count the number of parts and make a list. Once all necessary parts are purchased, remove the old door from the hinges. On the inside of the new doors make marks to position the hinges as a template, use the same door. Drill holes in places in the markup, paste the recessed hinges. Hang the door fixing the hinges one by one, starting from the top. To replace the facade, make marks on the new wall by inserting an awl in the hole for the screw. Drill a nest, hang a new wall. Reinstall the drawers. For the ends of veneer use veneer. Glue it with PVA glue and iron the top edge of the iron. The extra edge veneer clean with emery paper.
To paint updated doors and front wall wash surface with a solution of soda ash, wipe it. Paint all the necessary elements with automotive enamel. Painting start with grooves and end edges. You can also use decorative stencils to give the kitchen a unique look with original carved accessories.
The final step in updating an old kitchen is to replace the countertops. Remove old countertops, the sink, disconnect it from the cabinets using a screwdriver, remove the old sealant. Put on a new countertop layout of the upcoming cut-outs under the sink. Drill a large hole and insert a jig saw, then cut out. A vise with the screw clamp the tabletop and a ruler, adjust the top length with the saw. Secure the countertop in the same place and fill the joints with sealant.
When fitting worktops in length do not use a circular saw, it can damage the edges of the veneer.
Useful advice
To change the appearance of the facade you can use a special film, it is easy to use and you can update it whenever you want.
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