The easiest way to update a kitchen is to work on the facades of furniture, changing the color. Plastic or wooden facades can be repainted or covered with a self-adhesive film, and then install the new door handle. And your kitchen will be transformed.
In order to do this, you first have to remove all the drawers and remove all the doors from the hinges by unscrewing the knobs and other hardware. After which all surfaces that will be painted or oklematsya, it is necessary to wash (you can use a solution of soda or detergents for dishes) and allow to dry. Then, degrease the surface by wiping it with acetone or white spirit.
Paint kitchen furniture , you can any waterproof paint (latex, acrylic, oil). But one of the best options is automotive enamel in the cans. It is well and smoothly even on the plastic surface easy coloring, easy to apply and dries pretty quickly.
If you decide to use self-adhesive paper, keep in mind that the occupation is laborious, requiring special care. To film did not go "at random", before pasting, you can slightly dampen the facades of cold water – in this case, the tape will stick immediately, and you will have time to move or to correct uneven "dead" film. Sticking the tape, smooth it from the center to the edges, "acceleration" side of the bubbles and wrinkles – just as you would when wallpapering.
Frayed and lost their appearance of the countertop can be removed and covered with a dense oilcloth on fabric, choosing her for the color of your new facades. This is a fairly simple procedure, so change the oilcloth, you can at least every month – as soon as the previous one is damaged or simply tired. Fasten the oilcloth you can use double-sided tape.