You will need
  • The flower seller
  • Encyclopedia of flowers
  • Internet
If you purchase the flower alone, it is best to know the name of the flower directly from the seller in a flower shop. He was not only able to give you information about the flower name, but will tell you about all the intricacies of the care of the flower.
If the flower you donated, and the donor does not know anything about him, then you must first inspect the pot. Sometimes the pot there is a sticker on which is written the name. Also, some companies put in the ground the cardboard card of a flower, containing the name and how to care for these flowers.
Another way to find out the name is to browse the encyclopedia houseplants. If the flower is fairly common, you will surely find it in a book of this kind.
If you got quite eroticheski flower, its name can be found via the Internet. First you need to look for a photo of similar colors in special online directories. If your search does not succeed, you can go to the forum gardeners, to open up the topic and the detailed description of your flower, or, better yet, post a photo of him. Professonaly-breeders will help you to determine the name of your flower.