You will need
  • Tow, plumbing wrench, silicone
Peel off a small strip of tow fibers from the main beam. Unfold it throughout its length. Next, twist fiber into rope. Rope size will depend on the depth of the thread.
How to wrap a tow
Take a plumbing wrench. Jaws grasp the threads that are going to wind the tow and light pressure on the key, apply a small notches on the thread. Thus, you will get a light roughness on the threads, thereby increasing the tenacity of her with a tow.
How to wrap a tow
Attach the end of flax fiber in the region of the thread. Next, evenly wrap in the opposite direction of tightening the nut, so that the following coil of tightly pressed previous. The number of winding should be in moderation. Note the wound on the other hand, it is important that there are no gaps.
How to wrap a tow
Once you have carried out the winding of tow, to protect her from the effects of water on top you need to apply the silicone. Next, evenly distribute it throughout the thread. While the silicone did not polymerizable, the connection can be twisted and check for leaks. For complete polymerization, you have 8-10 min.
How to wrap a tow