You will need
  • Needles, thread
Short shot loops are removed to a height of one or two rows. To tie, pass the needle into the loop from right to left and remove on right needle, not povezav.
Long elongated loop wider, up to 6 rows. If you need such a result, put the working thread on the forefinger, left to right, enter the right needle into the loop. The end of a spoke 2-3 times, wrap the thread clockwise. Keeping the coils in the same position, retract the needle back into the loop and remove the knit loop on the right needle.
In the second and subsequent rows, the needle enter from right to left. The loop, which was obtained from the coils, take, promazyvaya.
To consolidate skills, practice on a small piece of knitting when you have free time. First try to make a rubber band shot from short loops. To do this, enter an odd number of loops on the knitting needle and form a blade height of 3-4 rows of any standard way binding. Then dial one number, alternating between one front and back. The next and all remaining even rows knit out of the ordinary shot facial and purl loops.
The second exercise will allow you to tie the long loop on the wrong surface. Enter an odd number of loops. In the first row, tie 4 inside-out, one front with two turns (as in n. 2), 5 purl. Alternate front with five purl to end of row. At the end provarite front with coils, 4 reverse and one edge. In the second row make 4 front loops, one clear and pull, dangling from the needles, the coils, and then type 5 facial. At the end of loop number 1, clear, type 4 front and 1 edge. The third row consists of 4 reverse, one shot, five wrong. When you get to the end of the row, 1 loop and remove the dial 4 and the reverse edge. Repeat the pattern, alternately using the schema of the second and third rows.