You will need
  • yarn;
  • - knitting needles (regular or circular).
To tie the cloth front surface, need to learn the skills vyvazhivanija facial and purl loops. And they can be knit on any knitting – two, five, or circular. The front surface is an alternation of rows of the reverse and front loops. And will emerge smooth weave.
The front loop. For sample type 20 loops. Remove the first (edge) loop on the knitting needle, which is located in the right hand. Then enter the needle in the middle of the loop, grab the thread located at work and pull it out. Simultaneously the index finger of the left hand, carefully remove the "old" loop. Subsequent loops repeat the same actions.
The reverse loop. Continue to work with the same sample, the more that the following number will give you the opportunity to knit purl loops. Remove the first loop, which is the edge. Now the thread turn so that it was located before work. Enter the needle in the middle of the loop, grab the working thread and pull it through the same loop. Thereafter, the index finger of the left hand gently throw off the "old" waste loop. Follow the same steps with the other loops.
Continue to work with the sample, alternating between front (odd) and purl (even) rows. Provarite at least 20 rows, resulting in smoother knitted fabric. Binding to look perfect, you can process the sample. To do this, wash it with a detergent suitable for the chosen yarn. Also the sample you can give smoothness and evenness, hold it over the steam. Then gently unfold the piece (or product) on a level surface and leave to dry.
Knitting the front surface of the pie or on the 5 spokes is slightly different. Dial on the spokes of the required number of loops. Start to knit the first and each subsequent row only the front loops (purl loops are not). Note that in this case, there is no edge loops. Knitted, row by row, the loop and give the canvas the appearance of facial surface.