You will need
  • 1. Calculator
  • 2. Employment history (for determination of seniority)
  • 3. Information on the amount of average monthly earnings for 2000-2001 or for any 60 consecutive months
You need to define the related coefficient, which for the insured persons is 55 percent and increases by 0.01 for each full year worked over and above specified in this paragraph length, but not more than 20%.A woman over 20 years of experience is set to 55%, in 21 years – 56%, in 22 years – 57%. For 40 years or more – 75%(because the limit is not more than 75%).The man behind 25 years of experience is set to 55% for 26 years – 56%, in 27 years - 57%. For 45 years or more – 75% (because the limit is not more than 75%)
To determine average monthly earnings. Average monthly earnings is determined by the personified accounting in system of compulsory pension insurance, or for any 60 months in a row. Grounds are documents issued in the prescribed manner by employers or municipal bodies
To determine the average monthly wage in the Russian Federation over the same period
To take into account the average monthly wages in the Russian Federation for the period from 1 July to 30 September 2001 for the calculation and increase the size of state pensions, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. Average monthly salary in the country for the III quarter of 2001. approved by the Government of the Russian Federation for calculation of pensions, determined in the amount of RUB 1671
To calculate the ratio of the average earnings of the insured person to the average wage. In the Russian Federation accounted for the ratio in the amount of not more than 1.2 (with the exception of the far North regions and equivalent areas)
Next, to determine the estimated size of pension according to the formula: the related coefficient x is the ratio of monthly wages x 1671 (this is the average monthly salary in the country for the III quarter of 2001. approved by the Government of the Russian Federation for calculation of pensions)
To further define the pension capital according to the following formula. From the calculated size of pension deduction of the amount of the basic part as of 01.01.2002 in the amount of 450 rubles. The amount received multiplied by the number of months of expected period of payment of pension for old age (depends on the year of assignment of pension, e.g. pension 01.01.2010 - 192 months,from 01.01.2011 - 204 months and so forth, adding 12). The resulting amount will constitute a pension capital in January 2002
To determine the pension capital is subject to indexation at the date of the assignment in the following way. Multiplying the retirement capital on the index of increase for each year from 01.01.2002 g :
2003 - 1,307
2004 - 1,177
2005 - 1,114
2006 - 1,127
2007 - 1,16
2008 - 1,204
2009 - 1,269
2010 - 1,427
2011 - 1,088
In the end, the size of the insurance part of pension will be equal to the sum of the estimated pension capital divided by the period of payment of pension
To the result add the amount of premiums taken into account on individual account on the date of the appointment, according to the individual (personified) accounting of the pension Fund and divided by the expected period of payment
To the resulting size of insurance pension to allow the fixed base amount of insurance part (defined by the government of the Russian Federation). This will be the calculated pension.