Edition are more willing to take to print a finished article, rather than give the job unknown to the author. If you have an idea, it is better to keep it in writing. Your thoughts of the editor is not interested, he wants to see the end result, namely the text.
Let's say you have an article, and, in your opinion, it deserves to be published. Decide what kind of magazine can fit your text. Keep in mind that every publication has its own specifics. In the scientific journal would be ridiculous to send an article about the trends of the new season, of course, if you have not considered them from the point of view of quantum physics.
If you write about sex, you will like the glossy magazines: Mini, Cosmo, "Home" and others. The theme of vospitanie children will be appropriate for the magazine "Happy parents", "My child", "raising a child". pressing social issues are discussed in "Russian reporter", "Change". In the latter case, the necessary author's photograph on the subject of the article.
Before you send an article to the editor, read it again. The text really needs to be unique and interesting. You must fully develop a theme, preferably with the help of experts. If this report should be photos of excellent quality. If this interview, it should be exclusive and not banal.
It is best to send articles to the editor via e-mail. How to find address? Each magazine is printed information about the edition. There you can find the email address directly for letters or address the editor. If you have an address editor, it is better to write to him.
Letter start with a short story about yourself: what you do, why did you decide to send a text. The text is save in the application. Photos do not send, but the email that send them for editorial review.
It is better not to send the letter on Friday and during the weekend. After submitting wait a week. If the answer does not come, ask the editor if he had received your letter and a decision on the article took. It so happens that the text was approved, but the editor lost your contacts.
Never send the same article to multiple publications. If one magazine your text is rejected, and you got the answer, only then you can send the same text to another publication.