You will need
  • - watermelon seeds
  • - peat pots
  • - dung bed
  • - greenhouse
Breeders have been already brought early-maturing varieties of watermelons. These include precocious sugar, Siberian, Chinese, the sugar baby or ultra-early.
Before planting watermelon seeds need to germinate. Go through them, cull the blank and spoiled seeds. Healthy seeds fold on plate lined with a layer of wet gauze, cover the top and wait 2-3 days, adding water as necessary.
Prepare peat pots, fill them with soil substrate from a mixture of earth and sand. In every pot you can plant only one seed. Do the earth a hole to a depth of 1-2cm, carefully lower in the seed, sprinkle the earth liberally shower and leave at a temperature of 20-25°C.
In the garden for watermelons have to build a manure ridge to give them sufficient heat. Make a bed on the earthen hole with a diameter of about 70 cm, the shift in each of them 2-3 watermelon plants with peat pots. Liberally pour each hole, set above the patch of transverse arc, stretch film between them, creating a sort of greenhouse.
The greenhouse in the garden should be kept until the possibility of even the smallest frost. Very often to water the watermelons don't need South guests are accustomed to drought, it does not frighten them. Besides the abundant watering will provoke a quick debate of manure, which is composed of a bed, which can lead to overheating of the soil.
Before flowering watermelons should feed the solution of ammonium nitrate. The smaller the ovaries you leave on each individual lash, the larger will turn out ripe watermelons.
From one Bush to fall quite possible to shoot up to 10 pounds of delicious fruit.