The easiest way to lift hair at the roots is properly dry with a Hairdryer. Apply on the hair roots special foam or mousse, which adds volume, tilt your head down and dry them in this position. You can use a special nozzle on the hair dryer, which increases the pomp hairstyles. Secure the result with hairspray.
In order to make hair look voluminous at the roots is very important to choose the right tools to care. Choose shampoos and conditioners that make hair thicker, be sure to use creams, mousses and foams that give lasting volume, don't forget about the lucky. Today, you can find lucky with a special, thin nozzles. They need to sprinkle the strands at the roots, thereby firmly locking the volume.
Sometimes you have to try many tools before you find the one that will suit your hair. The search is worth it, because the reward for him will be beautiful hair with gorgeous volume.
Another way to lift hair at the roots is to curl them on large rollers. Many women buy a soft Velcro and wind them up at night. If you want fast result, you can purchase thermo-hair curlers, which can be an hour to make beautiful curls.
Volume from the roots can be done using a large round brush and blow dryer. Apply foam to the hair, wrap the strands on the comb and let dry. For a more lasting effect fasten varnish.
Check with your hairdresser, because there are haircuts that visually increase the volume of hair. You can also buy professional cosmetics, which have the means to give hair volume at the roots. Some firms developed a whole line of tools adds volume to even the thinnest hair.