Maggots called maggots blue blowflies. Looks like a small maggot worm white or light yellow color, has a thick elastic body, reaches a total length up to 8-10 mm.
Breeding maggots is in the warm season, in summer. Take a piece of meat or any by-product, make the knife a lot, not very deep punctures. Put meat on a hook, hang close to the habitats of the flies. For example, near a dumpster. On the floor under the meat place a large bowl half-filled with flour or bran.
More to do nothing. Flies will fly to the smell of meat, lay in left you hollow out eggs and a few days of them would hatch into maggots. Worms will crawl out of the hole, thus falling in the outstretched bowl. You will just have to collect them, using for the purpose.
You can breed maggots and fish. Make the carcass a few deep cuts, well it proselyte and leave for 10-12 hours. Rinse the fish with salt, cut into small pieces, add to jar, put in the habitat of the flies. After 6 hours pour the fish with sawdust, close the jar lid, making it previously a few holes for air access. If flies managed to lay eggs, then 3 days later the Bank will begin to hatch maggots.
To keep the maggots can be up to 3 weeks, keeping them in the fridge. Cold temperatures won't hurt them, but will not allow the transformation of larvae into pupae. Larvae can sometimes feed the cheese, it will make them thicker and more elastic.