Prepare a bowl. Make sure that the capacity of the canister or the canister is not less than 70 liters, otherwise the procedure is not very effective. Select the location at which the capacity would be well covered. It should not be closed, best of all, she was transparent and easily missed sunlight. If such terms can create not really, do everything possible to make the tank got as much light as possible.
Fill the canister with water and expose to light. At this stage you should not worry about it, and make arrangements for collection. Walk into any pet store and purchase a net for catching fish. Also buy a few packs to store harvested bloodworms or food container that can be put into the refrigerator.
Check your crop about a week after you filled water. If necessary, add water and remove all dirt and profit from the surface. By the way, keep in mind that it is best to tightly enclose your container from the premises. Mosquitoes in five to ten days will begin to attack your apartment.
How to breed <strong>Joker</strong> <b>home</b> <em>conditions</em>
Cover anything your fish tank, otherwise your crop will pollout uninvited guests, check from time to time, so nobody attempted upon it. With a good frozen bloodworms will retain its appeal for another five to six weeks after harvest, which allows to make a large billet and go "wild" with a pound of bloodworms. Don't forget to add water and to monitor its cleanliness, and the crop you provided!
How to breed <strong>Joker</strong> <b>home</b> <em>conditions</em>