You will need
  • - walnut mixture;
  • - the enclosure;
  • - plywood box;
  • - the mixture;
  • - cottage cheese;
  • milk.
For successful captive breeding and viable offspring proteins need a spacious aviary. Install it in the corner of the room, opposite the window. Place inside a high-branched tree in the tub, by which animals can run. On a blank wall to arrange for the nest box with a round hole and a removable roof.
Animals provide a good balanced diet. Squirrel diet should include a mixture of walnuts, pine, hazelnuts and a small amount of peanuts. It is necessary to give proteins of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, melon and watermelon. These components are in any case should not be salted or roasted. Nuts let the animals untreated, walnut shells gently Adamite. In the spring of feed protein in the shoots and buds of deciduous trees. If possible, let the animals pine and spruce cones. In nature, in addition to the plant, proteins consumed also animal feed. Containing rodent in captivity add to the basic diet of raw and cooked quail eggs, fish and beef bones, flour worms. Constantly aware of the presence of the squirrel cage of clean water.
чем кормят кур
For mating choose accustomed to each other strong individuals. Put a pair in a separate enclosure, provide it privacy and quiet. The mating period occurs at the end of February and beginning of March. Pregnancy proteins lasts from 32 to 34 days. In the same litter can be from 2 to 12 squirrels. Newborns are so small that their appearance in the world you can find only a weak squeak and yelps coming from the squirrel home. Do not disturb the female, constantly looking to the house.
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During pregnancy protein and the appearance of squirrels include in her diet curd and milk. Ensure that the produce is fresh and don't forget to remove excess food. For feeding of young stock, use infant formula.
Как разводить водных черепах
A month and a half, when the squirrels start to peek through the hole in the house, you can start to feed them by hand. This is a laborious task requiring great patience, will allow you to tame the squirrels. However, do not stop to feed the kids milk to two months old. At that age, when individuals have become adults, to systematically translate them to real food for protein.
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