Secure dry wooden wedges section 40х25 on the finished wall so that they were perpendicular to the direction of installation of plastic panels. By means of a plumb and level surface, align and achieve the right angles. Distance between bars should be 30-40 cm
First, install fastening elements of the panels. This is the final element and the inner or outer corner. If you are going to sheathe panels, the entire wall up to the ceiling, then install ceiling moldings.
Now insert the plastic bar into the groove of the corresponding fixing element mounting a narrow shelf. Don't forget to make sure the panel is located exactly perpendicular to the floor, using a plumb line or level. Next, fasten wide mounting shelf to the bars, common nails, metal straps or screws. Next, firmly insert the following wall panel with a narrow shelf fixing in the groove of the already installed panel. Check the panel on the subject of gaps between them. Install the panel. With the other panels do the same operation.
Reduce the last panel is longitudinally from the mounting of the shelf and relative to the center of the fastener 5-7 mm. Insert it into groove of the element, after which it should be in the groove of the last installed panel. In the case of the last panel in the wall there is no need to use additional fastening.