You will need
    • Pork – 1 kg
    • salt – 20 g
    • sugar – 2 g
    • garlic – 10 g
    • ground black pepper – to taste
    • pork intestine.
To separate the meat from fat. It should be about four times more fat. Cut into small cubes and stir. Peel the garlic, chop with a knife and put in the meat. Add salt, black pepper. Mass mix well and put to infuse in the fridge.
At this time, to prepare pig intestines, which be purchased in advance on the market. If they are saline, they should pour water, wait until the salt is dissolved and rinse well. Check to the gut for sausage was not damaged.
To cook a meat grinder, instead of the lattice is put on a special nozzle for sausage.
Meat passed through a meat grinder to fill the guts of 10-15 cm, and then catch up with her a strong thread and tie. The resulting sausage cut and fill the next and again knotted. And so, until all the mince.
The sausage fried until crisp and served hot on the table. It can be podkoptit or podvyalit, then a homemade pork sausage can be stored longer. In the latter case, the amount of salt in the recipe increases.