• Breast of chicken - 800 g;
  • Cream - 400 ml;
  • Chicken egg (only protein) - 4 PCs.;
  • Salt;
  • Ground black pepper;
  • A mixture of herbs;
  • Food film (the gut).


  1. Chicken fillet wash and cut small pieces. Slightly chilled meat grind in a blender or grinder until smooth. Should get odnogodka slurry.
  2. The resulting mass fill with spices, salt and pepper to taste. Stir again thoroughly.
  3. This meat billet to combine ice cream or milk. Milk must be cold, otherwise tender chicken minced scald. Again mix well.
  4. Now it is necessary to form sausages. On plastic wrap to spread the mixture and roll into a tube, tie the ends firmly with string. When using the guts to fill it through a special syringe or a meat grinder. In the end you should get 4 sausages of equal size.
  5. Need for cooking in a saucepan bring water to boiling and then reduce the temperature and to lower the resulting blank (in any case do not bring to a boil, otherwise the sausage may crack and be soft after boiling). Cook for approximately 40-50 minutes.
  6. Cooked products to cool down and Stripping of the shell, after to lay out on the parchment with spicy twigs or spices, wrap. Allow to cool for 10 hours. (If the sausage is in the gut, it is not required to strip). Delicious hearty and secure the sausage is ready.