Basically, the problems in communication between a man and a woman happen due to different views on life and behavior, especially in extreme situations. In ordinary days the men in the conversation, use shorter words and phrases, and women Vice versa. The facial expressions of the girls will be more pleasant and exquisite, at that time, as we men are crisp and clear, they use more specific definitions than dialog speech.

Of the main factors of female psychology can be distinguished: the emotional factor or sensitivity is one of the main criteria of the description of the weaker sex. What is happening the girls are very subtly perceive and react to this very strongly, is precisely this is possible to trace the main difference between men and women.

The following is the so-called "proud" factor girls are living here and now, not look back and seldom regret about mistakes. More often than not show your weakness when third-party people. Most men do not like that type of girl, they feel the superiority over them, and as everyone knows the stronger sex for it and strong that any domination is repulsive.

The third most important factor when describing women or girls, you can highlight the sensuality and femininity. Sensuality means love and respect not only to themselves but also to her man. In woman lies the hidden sexuality, which dedicate poems, write novels and make films.

Perhaps, these factors can be identified in the description of the fair sex.

The inconsistency of the girls is in conflict with itself and compared to other objects similar to themselves, and they get rid from this by involving other people who, in turn, will talk about its features and uniqueness. Girls love with their ears, and men – eyes. More compliments in their address, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Each has their own type of guys that they like: special facial features, a certain smell, style of dress, behavior and interests. But if you combine all the girls and ask you to identify the main criteria by which they choose their men. The first is attentiveness and punctuality – excellent Paul loves a lot of attention to make her jealous comment that she hasn't forgotten about its relevance and importance. Talking compliments about her appearance and smell, as mentioned earlier: "Women love with their ears".

Second, you can highlight the mind and literacy in communication. Educated guy with pleasure will support any topic of conversation. Nobody likes the man who two words can not, his stories do not go further than as he watched TV and ate Breakfast.

It follows from this tip: read more books!

The third criterion is the generosity towards the fairer sex. Of course everyone is happy when they pay and treat, the main thing is not to abuse it, and then she sits on his neck and legs dangling out.

If we talk about a first impression, nice Cologne and a well-groomed appearance can give a positive evaluation. Nobody likes bad-smelling and dirty people.

Most importantly, be yourself and not hide behind the mask of the "alpha male" and the conqueror of female hearts.