Terry towels for bath come in three sizes: hand towel approx 50х70см, body 50х100см and bath towel 100x150 cm Usually they are sold in sets of two or three towels, but you can buy them separately.
The quality of the towel influences its ability to absorb moisture, which primarily depends on the material from which the towel is made. First of all, it should be natural material – cotton, or cotton with various additives – silk, eucalyptus. The high quality cotton is considered to be a Pakistani and an Egyptian. The thread from which is woven towel can be single, double, twisted and combed. It is best to choose a towel made of combed yarn.
The higher the density of Terry material, i.e. its weight per unit area, the better. If the towel has a density below 300 g / sq m, it will quickly become worthless and will last a long time. If the density is not specified on the label, just weigh it and knowing the size, compute the density. You need to choose that towel, material density which is greater than 500 g/sqm.
The size of the pile is better to choose from 3.5 mm to 7 mm. Too short not worth, provide good absorbency, and too long – will be for all to cling to. In addition, the towel with a long NAP lose their marketability after the first wash.
Try a towel for softness, sometimes it is due to the addition of synthetic fiber, which also reduces the absorbency. If the towel is made of cotton thread mixed with silk, the silk content should not be higher than 15%, then it will be soft and absorbs moisture.