The transition to electronic tax reporting, which shall be via the Internet, implemented in the framework of the program "Electronic Russia". If your company operates on the common system of taxation, you have to provide quarterly to the tax authorities a Declaration on the tax on profit, property and value added. Under the simplified system of taxation VAT and income tax you pay is not necessary. Using the "simplified taxation" private entrepreneurs do not pay property tax to incomes of physical persons (pit) and value added tax (VAT). For individuals and legal entities using hired labour, there are additional statements to the social insurance Fund and Pension Fund.
Apply for a digital signature, which must be sent to the tax reports. Sign up for online service "My business". All registered users of this service have the ability to send documents for free. Transmission of reports through a secure connection, so for the safety and privacy of the transmitted information, do not worry.
You can also connect to other existing reporting systems, for example, "Kontur-ekstern", "Tusk". For installing the software and uploading reports using them will have to pay, but in "Kontur-Extern" individual entrepreneurs can work for free. To do this, when registering at a special rate "Tax representative".
For work in electronic reporting systems, you will need credentials. Scan and send the attorney to send a Declaration signed by the head, stamped. If you are a sole proprietor, the attorney assure at the notary.
On these portals after completing the registration questionnaire will be performed to check the correctness of the specified at registration e-mail address and phone number of the Trustee, in addition to the on-line system will validate the introduced rooms INN and SNILS. After that, your address will receive a registered letter, which will contain the activation code of the account in the accounting system. Enter it and begin acting on those tips, which are proposed by the system.