Shelves for flowers can be a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common of them is the shelf in the form of a ladder, which is attached to the wall, hanging basket or placed on the floor whatnot.
To make a simple shelf can anyone who owns the minimum skills to operate the tool. Structurally, this shelf is a horizontal surface, provided with vertical ribs.
In order to make a shelf for flowers, you will have to stock up on wooden planks or plywood, scraps of plastic or metal. Will also need paint which will help prevent wood rot. For these purposes, is quite suitable and varnish.
The thickness of the horizontal stand, which will set the flowers to withstand their double weight. Special attention should be paid to securing a horizontal surface, which must be made reliable to avoid falling of flowers from the shelf.
Very nice will look flower shelf, if you place them at different heights. Keep in mind that for the flowers, placed too high, harder to care. For convenience, you can provide the shelf with a special device, allowing to omit the flower for watering.
If you make a shelf for placing on the window, try to use thin materials. Otherwise, can greatly decrease the light output passed through the window. It is desirable to use glass. However, the production of shelves for flowers in glass implies a greater accuracy, and thoroughness machining. The width of the window shelves will have to be linked to the size of the window opening.
The regiment, conceived in the form of shelves, for greater stability compared to other designs, so for making it use a larger and more durable materials.
Before you arrange the flowers on the shelves, made with his own hands, is not superfluous to clarify the requirements for temperature and needs colors in lighting. This data will help you to choose the right place for each plant.