You will need
  • - wooden boards with a treated edge;
  • a ready - made shelf;
  • - flat wide brush;
  • - Lac;
  • - paint for wood;
  • - twine of sisal;
  • - wooden sticks for the clips.
If all necessary elements are assembled, take a string made of sisal (thick), divide it into two segments. It will have to hang a homemade shelf for flowers. Also, don't forget to measure the right size of the string - note how many shelves you want to make, what height, etc.
Drill holes in the shelves according to the thickness of the twine. Important - mark the location of the holes symmetrically to each other. Otherwise your shelves will be skewed.
Using pre-prepared paint with a dark wash and a wide brush, paint the shelves in the selected color. Although you may not paint them, but only lacquering, retaining the natural wood pattern.
Thread the twine at a front portion in the order described below: shelf bottom shelf middle shelf top – free element for hanging – shelf top shelf middle shelf bottom. Repeat same procedure for adjacent to the wall part. Carefully check the height, horizontal level and with the "sea" node attach the free end of the twine.
Now get holder weight. To do this, take a wooden stick, which will serve as retainers, cut them into small pieces, then thread the twine under the shelves. This way you will record each created a shelf in a rigid position.
To hang a shelf for flowers, you need to take a durable metal hook. Give preference to decorative hooks shape. It should be noted that this shelf can be used not only for flowers but also a number of other items, such as books, figurines, decorative candles and other decorative elements.