You will need
  • wooden laths 25х50 mm
  • - special glue for wood,
  • - nails 40 mm;
  • - 2 metre sex boards
  • - 4 straps for fastening boards
  • tools (jigsaw, drill, sander, screwdriver),
  • - chain,
  • - screws,
  • - hooks,
  • - clamp,
  • - tools for wood processing.
The simple stand can help you to protect the windowsill or floor from moisture and stains. Take the wooden laths 25х50 mm special glue for wood and nails 40 mm. Begin to work.
Sawed planks into 16 wedges with a length of 500 mm. While the size may be different, depending on your needs. The remaining pieces are cut into 20-30 parts with lower length – from 200 up to 250 mm.
Proceed to the Assembly. Put long sticks in the base of the stand (place the bars with the wider part at the top), align and glue the good parts. Then, on the basis of the shorter parts place of stand-jacks as you want, as you see it. Again all trim and glue.
Making sure all parts are firmly connected to each other, drive in intersections of parts nails. Drive carefully so the cubes are not split.
Now ready stand podshlifuyte, or touch up paint. For making the base you can use the whole Board. Only pre-process its moisture-protective means for wood.
You can make a simple and beautiful container for flowers. Take it: sex 2 meter boards (30 cm width of the Board); 4 straps for fastening boards; tools (jigsaw, drill, sander, screwdriver, chain, screws, hooks and the clamp (vise). Later useful tools for working wood.
Start. All items need to be sanded (the sandpaper is better to take fine-grained). Staple one side of the Board clamps. Check on the boards circles, the diameter of your flower pots. The saw jigsaw circles. Make as many circles as you want flowers to put on the stand. Holes ready.
Then fasten the other straps design.
Repair of roughness (with a file, sandpaper). Treat wood with protective agents. Attach the screws and hooks. Measure the desired length of chain in order to be able to hang the stand in your chosen location. These sections should be two. Connect them with ring and hook over the hooks.