You will need
  • studs;
  • clip;
  • comb.
The easiest way to weave a classic braid, which is the most common – to do this, divide the hair gathered at the back of the head, three strand, and right strand place them over the Central strand, placing it between the Central and the left strand.
Then the left strand put Central on top, placing it between the middle and right strands. In this way then braid his hair blond strands, alternating the weave until the weave a braid of the desired length.
An unusual variation of this hairstyles is the double hair braids – tie two ponytails on the sides, and each of them braid, classic braid, securing the ends with rubber bands.
Classic braid can turn into an elegant Swiss braid, if you are in the process of weaving strands will twist plait.
Beautiful and looks difficult plait "Kolosok." To accomplish safesite back hair and highlight two strands on the right and left. Cross them, and then add another strand to the left and cross it with the strand on the right. Repeat in the opposite direction. Braid the braid in this way until the end. Choose thin strands and tighten them tighter in the process of weaving braids.
Fashion today is a French braid close to the head. Take a strand of hair at the crown and divide it into three thin strands. Make several stitches in the same way as in weaving a classic braid, then add to the left strand the new strand of hair taken from free of hair on top.
Continue to weave the braid, adding to the already braided strands of a new, alternately choose sides. Therefore, your pigtail will fit snugly to the head.
If to weave two braids on each side, using strands of hair at the temples, you can tie both braids at the nape, received a beautiful ring from the hair.
Patience, you can weave extremely fashionable nowadays African braids – hair for this need to consistently be divided into equal thin strands, and each strand to braid into a tight pigtail. You can also vary thick and thin braid, twisting them at the back and fastening with Bobby pins.