How to make spike Hair safesite ago. Select two thin (thickness 2-3 cm) strands of hair at the temples. Cross two strands. Right this should be on the left.Now with one hand hold both strands to the head, and another on the left side, take one strand and place it over the first right, push the strands to the head, not broken.Grab the new strand from the right side and position it above the previous one left. Continue to repeat steps until you get the pigtail of the desired length. In the end, secure the braid with an elastic or barrette.
How to weave side braid-wiring:Front make arbitrary parted in the middle, and ends approximately at the top. Then continue it on his head, doing exactly-exactly in the center. Hair on the left side safesite to the back. Front separate a strand of hair from the parting to the temple. A strand of this loop several times with a harness and hold by hand to harness is not collapsed. Now your other hand to separate the second strand, which should be under the first. It is also loop harness, crossed with the first, and the hand in this change. After that hand, hold both strands to braid together.Separate the new left hand strand, loop it again and crossed with the previous one. Again, change hands, strands connect to one and transfer both in the right hand. Now braid so the braid to the neck.From the neck continue to braid in the same spirit, twisting the strands (note that it is necessary to twist in one direction). The end of the braid secure it with elastic band. On the other side of the parting weave exactly the same pigtail. Then the two braids connect, tuck the braid, fasten, and adorn with ribbon.
How to weave a braid of four strands:Wet hair and comb safesite towards the back of the head. Divide the hair into four equal strands. Take the far right strand and place it over its neighbor. Then take the penultimate left strand and place over the first two. Now the leftmost strand under the miss that we had the extreme right. Braid so the braid until it obtained the desired length. Then secure it with a rubber band.