For the construction of the house look quite thick and sturdy wood that will withstand your design and guarantee the safety of the children in the house.
In order that the tree growth will not interfere with the design of the house, it should not build on the trunk and around the trunk, giving the tree space for free growth.
To maintain the house use a sturdy wooden piles cross-section of 75x75 mm. in order that the piles stood on the ground firmly, place them on a concrete Foundation.
Make a large wooden platform, which will be enough space for children's play, in two parts – in the center of the assembled platform should be a hole for the tree. From the edges of the hole to the barrel should be a small space.
The platform needs to be robust, it should not wobble and stagger. As the material for the platform take a sheet of plywood or particle Board with a thickness of 2 cm will Strengthen the platform from the back side of the wooden beams and install it on the supporting piles.
To ensure the safety of children, set on platform special fences and railings, or walls with Windows and doors. Fasten the side panel on the platform with the nuts and bolts.
Hang to the platform sturdy rope ladder that children will get into the house. Secure the ladder on a sturdy branch – so that it does not slip and does not break.