You will need
  • - poles;
  • Board;
  • the branches and twigs of trees;
  • cord or rope;
  • - wire;
  • - nails;
  • - hammer;
  • - the axe.
Look for a place to shelter. In some cases, the basis for the construction can become a large tree with a branched crown. But if a suitable tree could not be found, equip a tent for three or four adjacent trunks of small diameter. In this case the base of the shed will have a triangular shape or a quadrilateral.
Pick the sturdy and reliable poles for the lower part of the structure. Their diameter must be sufficient to withstand the weight of two or three people. Attach a pole horizontally to the branches of a tree or several trees at the chosen height using a hammer and nails. If these tools are not available, attach poles can be a strong cord, rope or wire. As a result, you should get a base of rectangular, square or irregular shape.
Pitch the floor for the hut. As flooring you can use the same poles, or a prepared Board. Floors shall be securely attached to the frame with nails, rope or wire harness.
Make a wall tent. They will determine your chosen design of the structure. The easiest option is to make a gable roof resting directly on the floor. For this you'll need a large, smooth branches of trees. The individual links of the link between design and horizontal top ridge. Additionally, attach the top pole to the branches of a tree for greater stability.
The frame from which made the walls, overlaid with pine or fir branches, to shelter the interior from the weather. One of the side walls of a gable roof, you can perform the deaf, providing the entrance to the tent from the opposite side. Completing the construction of the shed, attach it to the trunk of the tree from the entrance steps or a rope ladder.
If you build a permanent structure, try to give him the appearance of a rectangular house with vertical walls and horizontal roof. This design is more spacious, but will require significant consumption of materials.