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Banks offer different mortgage programs. Consumers who need new housing, you can choose the right program to buy a property on the secondary market. Keep in mind that banks impose stringent requirements not only to borrowers but also to real estate.

Banks a lot, and you should choose one that offers the most favourable and suitable conditions. You must provide the documents, examining that the Bank verify your credit rating. The borrower's ability to repay debt is the major aspect in deciding on granting a mortgage loan.

By choosing the Bank, write the application for issuing the mortgage. Once your application is approved, start gathering the necessary documents and find a new apartment. Selecting a suitable place, inform the Bank who will perform the assessment and insure housing. Should be after the procedure, when the established pattern is transferred money.

Usually it looks like this: you pay the first payment then the Bank shall buy back the apartment. Are you moving into a new home and begin to pay the Bank a certain amount every month and interest due. It is best to purchase a property in brick houses with concrete floors. Before signing the contract it is necessary to impartially assess their financial capabilities and to see whether you can pay for a mortgage loan.

What documents are required

For mortgage registration following documents are required: passport (copy of all pages), information about the income on form 2-NDFL (original and one copy), application form, employment history (two certified copies). Contractors must provide a certificate of service and a contract for each document, two certified copies), pension certificate, authorization to the processing of personal data. Men of military age need to provide military ID (copy of all pages).

It is better to specify a list of documents the employee of the Bank or on the website of the organization. This will help save time. If you are a private entrepreneur, then the documents will require the introduction of several types of securities.

In addition to these documents, the documents needed for the apartment, which is bought at the expense of the loan. You'll need to gather: copies of passports of the sellers, the documents in the possession of the living space, the information on the persons registered in the apartment; a copy of the registration certificate of the apartment, the original of the certificate of assessment of the housing juts out by the appraiser) and certified appraiser. Also required to document the absence of encumbrances from the Federal registration service. In addition, sometimes the Bank may require guarantors as additional guarantees of your solvency.