Before you come up with a wedding scenario, the host need to talk to the bride and groom or their parents if they can arrange a holiday. It is important to understand what the celebrants expect from the feast. Perhaps they want a wedding in a traditional old Russian style, with observance of all rituals. Or, on the contrary, are waiting for modern contests like male strippers. Also the host is not hurt to find out how many people and what age expected at the event. This will help to adjust the program requests the main part of the invited.
In scenario it is better to prescribe the highlights of a traditional wedding. Several of them. First, before you enter the room or apartment, which will host a feast, on the threshold of the young should enjoy the bread and salt. A round loaf with a salt shaker holding a tray with a towel, the mother of the groom and master of ceremonies provides the bride and groom to break the pieces of bread. One more piece - the one in the family will take charge. Then the pieces need to season with salt, and feed them to each other. So in the last couple annoy each other, and now their lives will be only peace.
When the guests sit down at the table, the host must first give a word of congratulations to the parents of the bride and groom. In advance to prepare for two new long candle and one small candle-pill, preferably in the mould in the form of a heart. The newly minted mother-in-law and mother-in-law needs to turn on their long candles (to light helps toastmaster) and simultaneously bring fire to a candle which is held young. It is a symbol of joining two families into one, very touching moment. After the master of ceremonies announces the first toast to the new family, and when all drink, shouts "Bitterly". Thus it is better to search or to write small funny quatrains, in which the word "Bittersweet." For example: Finally, all the guests assembled,
But the piece does not climb in a throat
Because BITTERSWEET has become!
When the guests go to dance, master of ceremonies with the help of witnesses can arrange the abduction of the bride. You take her quietly to the dance floor a bridesmaid. When the song ends and the disappearance will become apparent, the master of ceremonies shouts: "Help, the bride was stolen!". Further in the hall there is a "mafia" (the mob played a role of guests in dark glasses) and put forward their own conditions. The groom must either pay off, or pass the tests to return the favorite. Tests conducted by the master of ceremonies, asks questions about the habits of the bride, for example, her favorite books, movies and so on. The correct answer check the bride's parents.
During the wedding, the toastmaster can alternate the congratulations from the guests (first relatives, then friends, then colleagues) with games and competitions. Most popular entertainment at weddings - scenes with disguises. Need to find a bright, cheerful costumes and come up with a common theme. For example, young came to congratulate pop stars. Some of the guests to dress-up Alla Pugacheva (red wig, glasses, hat), someone- Verka Serduchka, someone - Boris Moiseyev. Turns phonogram they will appear in the center of the room and "sing". And the master of ceremonies introduces each guest.
Contests it is better to start with drinking. They help guests to relax and get to know each other. Toastmasters offers this option: the right and left halves of the table to the music begin to pass from neighbor to neighbor kisses on the cheek. Whose side is quickly transferred - the drinking, the rest miss the toast. From contests on the dance floor, a very popular competition "Stash". Called two couples, the wives turn away, and the men hiding in the clothes and on the body of the five hundred-ruble bills. Then the music of women should find all the stash, who is faster. Toastmasters, of course, comments on all the action with jokes and applause, having guests and don't forget about the new toast after every game.