You will need
  • -sheet thick iron
  • corner
  • welding machine
For permanent installation in the country or in your yard need to make great barbecue. Size choose according the size your existing skewers and shish kebabs number of that you need to cook at one time. That is, the length of the grill in the barbecue, width – sized skewers.
For the manufacture of the grill you'll need welding machine, thick sheet steel, strong area.
Out of the corner weld weld the legs and frame of the grill. Cut the iron to size – length, width and height. Weld the cut sheets to the frame from the corner. The side walls of the grill is necessary to make round holes opposite each other. This will help to prevent the coals while cooking, and will serve as a makeshift podduvalom for the operation of air which is necessary when burning.
The bottom of the grill weld even thicker iron to it for as long as possible is not burned.
In order that the grill did not rust, cover it with heat resistant paint. Independently welded grill of thick iron sheet will last you for decades.