Types of barbecues

This versatile device can be portable and stationary. The first option is considered to be a complex structure. Besides, the cost can be quite significant. However, in most cases, these moments make up the wonderful decorative features such barbecues. They provide maximum convenience while cooking.

The dimensions of the grill are determined by the area of the infield and a design idea. The main principles of design safety and ease of use, simplicity, functionality and a nice appearance. It should be noted that the roasting pan if desired, can be equipped with additional devices which will make operation more comfortable.

Portable versions of grills are used when Hiking in the woods and on the water. Almost all the components are easily removable in order to transport the grill did not require a lot of space. Such a scenario represents a metal box of rectangular shape with legs and recesses on the sides. Skewers and there are special ventilation holes.

How to make the grill with your hands

Initially you need to decide which size is optimal for the grill. It should be understood that the length of the grill depends directly on the number of skewers that can be placed on it at the same time. It is not recommended to make the grill more than 10 skewers because of the large number of fairly hard to follow it. Typically the length of the braziers does not exceed 1 meter and the width is 30 inches. Ideal if placed on a skewer 6-8 pieces which are at some distance from the heated roll.

As for depth, most experts believe the most appropriate distance is 20 cm. It is the location of the meat and coals guarantees excellent cooking meals and prevents excessive drying.

Overall dimensions of the grill are selected individually, but consider the advice of experienced owners of such structures. Before the first operation is to verify stability of the grill. Support it should be four-point, and be able to do anything to gain a foothold on any surface. For example, by instillation into the lower part of the legs. Material from which constructed the grill, needs to withstand high temperatures without allocating thus harmful substances into the atmosphere.