First and foremost, you need to clean the pipe along the entire length starting from its outlet on the roof. In order to unclog the tube, close the house valve, which regulates the exit of the pipe.
Prepare a thick long chain or a stick. In an extreme case, fit the cable firmly attached to load. Climb up onto the roof. Start led at the inner ends of the pipe from side to side. This should be done for quite a long time, as mentioned above, carbon black has a very oily consistency and was difficult to scrape off the first time. Having cleaned the pipe you can go down with the roof down. It is now the turn to clean the chimney in the stove.
The stove bolt a few times, pull and push. This will help the soot falling from the top to go down into the lower flues. Inside the furnace it is also necessary to clean the base of the pipe and wells.
Then open the kiln wells. Every owner knows where in the oven they are. Usually there's a door. Depending on the model of the stove can be 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 wells. On opening the wells, scuba cops, dredge them from the soot. At the top of the wells should be cleaned with a brush. Close the wells. Dilute pure clay. Paper over the openings. Let dry. Dilute clay mixed with sand. Power trowel the cracks formed. All whiten with lime or latex paint. Only with such a clean stove will burn well and will smoke. This procedure makes the process furnace safe.