You will need
  • - plunger:
  • tool for cleaning pipes "Mole" or its equivalent;
  • - steel wire;
  • - baking soda:
  • - vinegar.
Try to get rid of the clog using a plunger. This simple device you must have in any household, where there are pipes. Plungers come in several types. Most popular —high quality handle with attached to it a rubber or plastic "Cup". Meet and plunger without the stick. In appearance they resemble a vessel with corrugated wall. He acts almost the same as usual. Outdoor edge put it on the drain hole, and the role of arm fulfills your hand.
Some sort of plunger can be made with your own hands if you don't have this. Take the milk package. Cut off the top. Insert the cut edge into a hole that you need to clean. Sharply tap the bottom of the package. If you fail the first time, straighten your improvised plunger and repeat the procedure.
More serious blockages can be cleaned with special chemicals. Their range in the sale is large enough. One of the most potent and at the same time, the cheapest is good old "Mole" in its different variants. Method of application specified on the label. It is quite traditional. The drug you just need to pour in the drain hole and wait until the clog dissipates. This means there is one drawback — it is quite caustic, so work with it must wear rubber gloves. If the substance gets on your skin, it should be rinsed off immediately. The same rule must be observed when working with other similar funds.
If nothing suitable at hand, make the tool yourself. Take baking soda and vinegar. Ordinary diluted 3-5% vinegar take in the ratio of 1:1. If you have essence, you will need quite a bit. Pour into the drain hole soda and then pour vinegar. A rapid chemical reaction to quickly relieve you of clogs. The advantage of the chemical cleaning method is that it allows you to clean both metallic and plastic pipes.
Quite effective means of cleaning pipes — a metal cable. It allows you to get rid of blockagesthat are located quite far from the drain. However, when purging of plastic pipes should be used with extreme caution. If the knee under the sink can be easily disassembled, it is better to remove all unnecessary details. The removed steel you can just wash. Push the cable into the hole at the maximum possible depth. Gently move it from side to side. So you either get that stuck in the larger pipe, or will be able to get the object that caused the blockage.