You will need
  • License antivirus, Internet, e-wallet.
Open the client of your antivirus in the last days of the license. Find the button "renew" and hit her. You are on the page of the manufacturer of the antivirus with a detailed user manual to your product version. Usually after the payment by electronic money or other kind of translation into your e-mail will be sent an email with an activation code and a link to the page where this code should be entered. After the license key is activated, you will be prompted to upgrade the client to latest version. It is recommended to accept the proposal and install the update. This method of license renewal over the Internet.
If you wish, you can purchase a renewal and as a boxed version (on the box it should say, "extension"). The kit usually includes instructions to activate the code and drive with the latest version of the antivirus client.
Some manufacturers of antivirus software have their own features buying and renewing the license to use. For example, using the equipment of Kaspersky lab, you can buy or renew a license no less than two computers. And when activating the extension version. Web it is important to specify the previous license. If this is not done, the validity of the extension will be shortened by as much as 100 days.