Prepare the dishes

Before loading into machine assemble large food remnants from the surface of dishes and pots, burnt pan pre-soak in water. The machine consists of several baskets allowing you to wash the dishes in different sizes. Capacity is one of its main characteristics. This parameter is measured in the amount of Cutlery that are in the car you can download. It is considered that one set consists of deep plates (soup cups), large shallow and dessert plates, cups, saucers, glasses for water and corresponding spoons, forks and knives.
Load the upper basket

Place on top of the plates and saucers of various sizes, cups and glasses. You should not put Cutlery and crockery at each other – they will not be able to be cleaned under running water. To optimally fill the space, use the fixers provided for the construction of the machine. For example, set on special holders the glasses. Pay special attention to cleaning fragile items: shot glasses, wine glasses and glasses. Place them so that they do not touch. If you have accumulated a lot of dishes, use the machine multiple times, so you will save the glass from cracking.
Complete lower basket

In the lower compartment fold heavy objects: pots and pans. Depending on the model dishwasher provided trays for knives, forks and spoons of different sizes. To these items when washing is not scattered, put them in special trays. Can they not sort, but watch out for uniform filling of trays. A long metal ladle, big fork for meat and shovels it is advisable to put crosswise in front of the basket.
Set the temperature mode

The standard program involves treating not heavily contaminated sets at 50-65 degrees. If you have filled the compartments of the usual kitchenware and thin glass, choose the temperature suitable for fragile products. The glasses and glasses enough 30-40 degrees to acquire purity, and the rest of the dishes this temperature and time (30 min) can be small. Dirty Cutlery sets and pans, use an intensive washing. This program will allow at 75 degrees. remove all of the burnt and baked-on food.
Run the machine for a small amount of detergent

To save time, use a dishwasher in the mode of half loading. If dirty Cutlery sets and instruments accumulated in small quantities, put them in the upper basket. If your machine is provided for the nozzle, install it instead of the top of the basket and clean the trays, grills from the oven, the tray and other large items. Installing the "half boot", you will provide full processing utensils and economical consumption of water and electricity.