You will need
  • Software Regedit.
The easiest way to add items on the startup menu is to manually add labels. To manually add a program shortcut on the startup menu, you must click menu "start" - select "Programs" - right-click on the line "startup" then "Open".
In the opened folder, you can copy the required shortcut, or use the create shortcut in this folder. Right-click on an empty space of this folder – select new - "Shortcut".
In the new window, click "Browse" and specify the path to the executable file – click Open - then click "Next".
Enter a name for your shortcut, click Finish. In this folder you had created the shortcut.
To add items in the startup is way more complicated. It is associated with editing the registry. If a good understanding, this method will seem no less easy than the previous one. Click start - click Run - type regedit – click OK.
In the opened window, in the left side, you will see the folders of the registry. Click on the following path: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run]. This folder contains programs that run only at login of the current user in the operating system. For example, to add a startup shortcut for the program Notepad++, you must add the key as follows: "Notepad++.exe"=" C:Program FilesNotepad++