You will need
  • 1. Agreement with a Bank, giving the opportunity to work under his license
  • 2. Initial working capital
  • 3. Room or cabin, equipped with armored door and glass
  • 4. Cash register equipment
  • 5. Personal computer
  • 6. One or two removable cashier
Sign a contract with the Bank is the first thing you need to do, wanting to open your currency exchange. After that you will be working under the license of the "credit institution" and as if from her face. In return, the Bank monthly will receive funds for "maintenance funds" (the counting and packaging of cash, cash collection, reporting and tax payments), and in some cases a Commission (depending on the details of the agreement).
"Feel" in his village the soil on the subject of good and bad for the exchange of cash currency places. To do this, gather statistics for the rate of sales – it will be higher than the likely more popular at this point of the city "exchanger", and somewhere your paragraph you can arrange. In the Central areas, close to major hotels, business centres, particularly high demand to exchange foreign currency, buy dollars and euros active in the peripheral parts of the city.
Hire (acting on behalf of the Bank) the premises or install specialized armored cockpit in the place where you decide the currency exchange positioning. Mandatory requirements for equipping the item – reinforced door and glass, and alarm system ("panic button"). You will also need cash equipment (counter and detector of banknotes), and a personal computer for statistical analysis.
Decide personnel matters – hire one, or two removable cashiers, if you are going to work the item independently. Have business only with trusted people is the exchange of cash currency opens up many possibilities for fraud of a cashier in their favor. By law, cashiers and the Manager (the owner of "exchanger") shall be employees of the Bank, under the auspices of which operates the exchange point currency, for compliance with this rule alert authorities of the Central Bank.