Before you try yourself in Forex trading, be sure to go through the learning the basics. Currently, almost every company that provides access to the Commission of operations on the foreign exchange market conducts free training on the basics of trading currencies. If your city is not held full-time employment, enroll in distance learning courses.
Select a brokerage company, through the Agency of which you will be able to enter the currency market. Pay attention to the period during which the brokerage company operates and the reviews of its clients. Beware of one-day intermediaries registered in offshore zones – in the case of financial disputes and claims you can't count on a favorable outcome of the case. Best broker – domestic Bank with a license for exchange operations in the Forex market.
Install software for trading operations. Typically, the brokerage company with which you contract for service, provides a free licensed software (commercial terminal). Read the instructions on how to use the terminal and the regulations governing the trades.
Make certain amount to your account in the broker company and transfer it into a Deposit. Today to trade in the foreign exchange market you can, with the Deposit of several hundred dollars. But, as a rule, respectable companies offer to start trading with a few thousand dollars. Now you are ready to earn on changes of courses of currencies.
The principles of extraction of profit in this case is very simple: you need to purchase a certain quantity of one currency relative to another at the lowest price, and then, when the rate will rise, to sell the purchased currency. The difference between the buy and sell and make your profit.
Withdrawal of earned on trading operations of the funds is carried out in accordance with the rules specified in the contract with the brokerage company. Keep in mind that you will have to pay the tax to incomes of physical persons 13%.
Before the headlong rush into the unpredictable world of currency transactions, understand that you assume certain risks. The market provides you the opportunity to earn unlimited profit, but it can also for a short period of time to deprive you of your investment. Before risking significant sums, gain experience by trading on a free demo account.